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September 10, 2024

SBlogger is the creation of Ian Young, a sports columnist who looks for the unusual and unexpected in the world of sports.

Check that Pen!

Posted: 9/14/2024

ESPN is reporting that Houston running back JT Olson has come to terms with the team, signing a three-year deal for $12 million.

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A Cheesy Monument

Posted: 9/11/2024

Green Bay native Jeff Miller loves Packers QB Todd Rodgers. And he loves the Packers. And he loves cheese. So what could be more natural than carving a life-size statue of his beloved player in a huge block of gouda?

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Jenkins on Ice

Posted: 9/10/2024

Retired b-baller Dennis Jenkins announced today that he has signed a contract with "Long Sleep" to have his body frozen before death ...

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