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Project Requirements -- You will have time to discuss how each assignment should look during work days. Additionally you will be provided with rubrics for most of the assignments.

Each of the 3 Campaigns will produce:

One collaborative 6-8 page research paper on the national issues, on the plattform of your party, on the current political scene in Colorado and its political history, and the opposition party -- and anything else you think is important! (please compose in Google Doc collaboratively) (Due: Sept 12)

4 position papers on the 4 issues we identify as the key issues of the campaign. These must be one page single-spaced and pitched to an audience of the general public (Due: Oct 5)

One 2-page biography on your candidate. Remember you want to offer information to the electorate that will inspire them...(Due: Oct 5)

One Website -- this can be a Schoology site, a Facebook site, a Google site, or any other medium you prefer (Due: Oct 11 -- but you can update continuously)

Two Debates (meaning you must prep your candidate well for these) -- Due: Oct 27 and Dec 1)

Two pieces of print advertising for Colorado news media (Due: Nov. 7)

One stump speech that your candidate will give in Denver, Colorado. Stump speeches should be 7-10 minutes, and will be delivered by the candiate in class. It should be a speech concentrating on a particular issue delivered before a special interest group or at a state party meeting, in Colorado. (Due: Nov 7)

2 TV Commercials and 1 Radio spot (at a minimum of 3...I am open to suggestions). Campaigns might produce a 30-second, 60-second, or 90-second ad, as an audio or video recording, that airs on radio, television, or the internet. They can be an advocacy ad, or an attack ad, or a contrast ad (we will discuss these more in class). (Due: Nov. 17)

A second debate (Dec. 6)


The members of the Media will choose their political position (one will be liberal, one conservative, and one "balanced" -- you should decide which news organization you work for and learn a bit about that organization and write your work accordingly) and will produce:

3-5 page research paper on your news organization, the issues you think are most pressing and the parties' platforms (Due: Sept 26)

One 2-3 page critique for each of the candidates' position papers and biographies (Due: Oct 11)

Critique of Candidate Websites (Due: Oct 18)

5 Debate Questions due one day before each debate (each reporter is responsible for 5 questions)

500-1000 word article covering and ANALYZING the first debate (Due: Nov 7

A 500-700 word story covering the stump speech in Colorad0 (Due: Nov 11)

Critiques of Colorado ads (Due: Nov 21

2-3 page, double-spaced critiques on EACH of the campaigns' TV and Radio ads (Due: Nov. 30)

Comments on second debate to be presented orally -- must be at least 3 minutes/candidate (Due: Dec. 8)

A 4 minute endorsement via audio or video offering your choice for President of the United States (this will, be put on your organization's website (the blog) even if you work for print media) (Due: Dec. 8)



Materials and Deadlines

African American Men voting

Credit: The Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website