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The class will be divided into 3 groups of 4. Each group represents a campaign staff and a candidate. In your team of four, you must run the campaign for your presidential candidate. Election Day is December 5. You have several deadlines to meet between now and then, but you also have the latitude to choose how much media blitz you want to create and when to launch it. You are on the national campaign staff for the candidate, but you all are also required to focus some of your efforts on Colorado, a key swing state for the election (and the home state of the incumbent). The final exam is on the line.

The groups will include the following roles: presidential candidate, campaign manager, press secretary, and staffer (4 students per campaign group, 3 groups). You will be assigned the party/candidate for whom you are working. Those students not assigned to one of the three campaign groups will serve as members of the media.

Those students who are not members of the campaigns, but instead serve as the news media, cover the campaigns and analyze their performances and materials. Each member of the news media will adopt one of the following positions: liberal, conservative, or center (striving for fair and balanced coverage). The media will report from the indicated position for most of their assignments. The final assignment is an endorsement for one candidate based on the best-run campaign.

Each campaign will develop positions on a variety of issues as well as produce all of the other important elements of a campaign.


Please go to the Upcoming Deadlines page to see the breakdown of required materials and the deadlines.

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