US AID Project*

The United State Agency for International Development has a dilemma. It is searching for some kind of guiding principles to help guide it in its decision-making about which countries to grant aid through its various programs. USAID has decided to consult with this AP Government class in their deliberation about the prerequisites that USAID should require of its aid recipients in terms of political systems and governance.

Read the (make believe) letter from USAID and then continue reading your instructions.

Request Letter from USAID

Next steps: From here, you as a class must decide how to proceed with the creation of the film. You will be graded on its artistic quality, its content, and your collaboration with one another. Due dates will be discussed further in class, but USAID has given us the entire semester to work on this project.

As a class, we will have in-class time to both define and design the project, but most of the research, filming, editing of your individual films will occur outside of class. If the final project is of the utmost quality, we will be submitting the film to Congressowman Gabrielle Giffords, showing the film to the St. Gregory community, and possibly sending a CD to US AID itself.

pitch = Oct 13th

research = Oct. 20th

1st Rough of each Section = Nov 9

2nd Rough = Dec. 2 (this should have sections spliced together)

Final = Dec. 14

Youth Noise (website to help you learn how to create a video)

USAID website

Topic Research: Demonstrates in-depth investigation (using viable sources) of assigned research area. On topic. On time. (100 pts)

Video Planning: Demonstrates team-oriented engagement in planning process. Volunteers for responsibilities willingly. Assumes appropriate leadership roles. (50 pts)

Production skills (50 pts)

Editing (50 pts)

Content of final project (200 pts)

Collaboration (100 pts)

* This is a simulation for a class project. While the project is real and the product will be real, US AID has not solicited this project from these students. Although, perhaps it should.


Afghani Woman Reading Ballot

In 2005, Afghanistan women participated in the first free election for parliament.


Borrowed from: The USAID On-Line Photo Gallaries



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