APGOV/Constitutional Law and Public Policy Course Schedule


Semester 2 Schedule 2012

Be working on your Rights and Responsibilities Research Paper -- Click HERE for the assignment!

Policy Units Jan 3-28

(not 2012) At the end of 2 of the 3 policy units, you will write a 3-5 page position paper on that policy arena. Write as though you are a policy advisor to the president. Choose 2-3 major points of contention regarding the policy arena and give your informed opinion about what policy postion the administration should take.

Environmental and Energy Policy -- Essential Questions = What current policy principle seems to guide America's approach to energy and the environment? What policy principle should guide the approach America takes towards energy and the enviornment?

January 3 and 5:  Film -- "A Crude Awakening"

January 5: Discuss Film

January 9: Finish Food Inc. Discuss Policy


January 11: Defining Rights, Privileges, and Obligations, "The State" and Public Policy

READ: Locke (chpt IX of The Second Treatise of Civil Government) and Rousseau (The Social Contract)

January 18:

You will be given an issue to read about on the EPA's "Learn the Issues" website. Peruse your issue and be prepared to report to the class on the policies and principles promoted by the EPA.

Go to the Department of Energy website and learn about energy use and policy in the United States. The US uses considerable sources for energy...learn a bit about each (skim the sections on each different kind of energy) and get some feel for the "International Energy Outlook" -- this is very technical...get a sense of what the major questions are regarding global energy policy (vs. national energy policy).

Please post a 500 word blog about your EPA issue and your take away messages about energy use.


Immigration and Foreign Policy -- Essential Questions = What should be the goals of America's diplomacy and foreign policy? When should the US use military force? Who should get to be an "American"? Who shall we let in?


January 20: On-line articles linked at PB Works


Submit Policy Issue for approval from DB


Economic Policy -- Essential Questions = Should the federal government stimulate the economy through fiscal policy, try to alleveiate poverty through public works, or a combination of the two? What should be the policy of the Ameican federal government toward economic disparity?

January 24: Finish Foreign Policy Readings discussion

And Economic Policy lecture and discussion of Time Magazine's Person of the Year Ben Bernanke

Jan 26th: RESEARCH Presentation by Ms. Calverly

Jan. 30th: State of the Union address discussion (which means you need to WATCH the State of the Union Address!) AND Readings on Reaganomics:

ALL "The Contemporary American Banking Crisis in Historical Perspective" by Michael A. Bernstein The Journal of American History, Vol. 80, No. 4 (Mar., 1994), pp. 1382-1396 (on PB Works)


NYT analysis of supply side economics


NYT discussion of supply side economics in 2008 campaign


NYT article on George W. Bush and Supply Side Economics




Feb 1 and 3: Research Day for Research Project No Reading

February 7: Work Day 

Feb 9: The Project Prospectus including annotated source list DUE In class workshop -- create and polish research questions

Prospectus should include:

An introductory paragraph about your issue, your essential research question(s), an annotated bibliography of 7 of your 10 sources, and a description of and sources for ALL the government entities that affect your issue (these will certainly be local government entites but may also be state and/or federal).

Feb 13: Finish Workshop-- get into affinity groups:

Louie (Education) will read Tess and Emily

Emily (Arts) will read David and Louie

David (Draft and Veterans) will read Jake and Tariq

Tariq (Secrecy) will read Jake and David

Athena (Food Regs) will read Jaxon and Berman

Jaxon (Taxes) will read Matt and Tess

Matt (Minimum Wage) will read Berman and Louie

Berman (Steroids) will read Matt and Athena

Jake (Internet Regulation) will read Athena and Tariq

Tess (Welfare) will read Emily and Jaxon



Feb 15: Intro to the Judiciary -- Reread Hudson Chpt 2 and the following:

Interpose Your Friendly Hand linked on PB Works "On-Line Readings" page

The History of the Supreme Court

The Court Defines Itself

The Court Today

Feb. 17: Work Day

Feb 21: Outlines Due for Research Project -- These should be annotated (narrative outlines)...so as detailed as you can make it. Also, the last 3 of the 10 minimum required sources due!

Rodeo Break – Yee hah!!Bucking Horse

Begin Supreme Court Cases -- Links to court transcripts/decisions are borrowed from Douglas Linder's Constitutional Law Site.

You should ALSO use oyez.org to round out the historical context and specifics of the justices' decisions.

LIST of Docket Assignments (not used in 2012)

Supreme Court Assignment (2012 click here for group assignments and for the assignment in general)

Feb 27:

Group 2: =Liberty of Contract

Lochner v. NY (1905) (VERY IMPORTANT CASE!)

Nebbia v. NY (1934) (VERY IMPORTANT CASE!)

Williamson v. Lee Optical (1955)(do not role play)

Feb 29:

Group 1: Personal Welfare -- for intersting background click here

Deshaney V. Winnebago (1989)

Estate v. City of Milwakee (1992)

Castle Rock v. Gonzalez (2005)


March 6:

Group 1: Equal Protection = -- any are good to role play

Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) (do not blog on this one)
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954)
Brown v Board of Ed. (Brown II)(1955) (do not blog on this one)
Bakke v. Regents, Univ. of California (1978)
Grutter v Bollinger (2003)


March 8:

Group 2: Privacy

Griswold v Connecticut (1965) -- PLEASE BLOG!
Stanley v Georgia (1969) -- good to role play PLEASE BLOG!
Kelley v Johnson (1976) -- good to role play
Cruzan v. Missouri Dep't. of Health (1990)
Lawrence v Texas (2003) -- good to role play PLEASE BLOG!

Group 3: Searches = any are good to role play
New Jersey vs T. L. O. good to blog!
Vernonia vs. Acton  good to blog!
Board of Education v Earls no need to blog


March 13: Sixth Docket of Cases BLOG

Group 3: National Security and Presidential Power Group -- any are good to role play except maybe Gitlow

Schenck v. United States (1919) ( blog)
Abrams v. United States (1919) (do not blog)
Gitlow v. People of New York (1925) (do not blog)

New York Times v. US (1971) (blog)

US v. Progressive Inc. (1979) (blog)

Hamdi v Rumsfeld (2004) (do not blog but role play either this one or US v Nixon)

United States v Nixon (1974) (do not blog but role play either this one or Hamdi)
Clinton v Jones (1997) (do not blog)


March 15:

ALL - Takings there will be no role play and no blogs on this day --we will read the summaries of the cases in class!

Adkins v. Children's Hospital (1923)

Penn Central v. New York City (1978) 
Dolan v. City of Tigard (1994)
Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Com'n. (1992)
Tahoe Preservation Council v Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (2002)
Kelo v City of New London (2005)


March 19: Outlines of papers due -- workshop

March 21: Finish workshop

March 23: Work Day

March 27: First read rough drafts due to partners via google docs Workshop.

March 29: polished Rough Drafts DUE to Dr. Berry!


Happy Spring BreakFlowers

 April 9: Rough Drafts returned from Dr. Berry

Work Day and conference with DB

April 11: Work Day finish conferences

April 13: Project presentations (please have read your peers' papers)

April 17: Finish Presentations

April 19: Final Paper Due -- Debrief and Party!


Congratulations – you Made it!


New York Times v. Sullivan
Zelman v. Simmons-Harris

Buckley v. Valeo

Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee v. Federal Election Commission

Federal Election Commission v. Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee           
Senator Mtich McConnell, et al v. Federal Election Commission


Abortion = not in 2012 Group -- any are good to role play

Roe v. Wade (1973)
Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992)


Free Political Speech -- Flag Burning as case study: Group -- any are good to role play

The Cases
U. S. vs O'Brien (1968)
Schact vs. U. S. (1970)
Spence vs. Washington (1974)
Texas vs Johnson (1989)


Federalism Cases = Group

Term Limits

U. S. Term Limits v Thorton (1995) -- good to role play
Cook v Gralike (2001) -- don't role play

Electoral College

Bush v. Palm Beach County (2000) -- don't role play
Bush v. Gore (2000) -- good


(not in 2012) Hate Speech = -- any are good to role play

Hustler Magazine v. Falwell (1988)
American Booksellers v. Hudnut (1986)
Wisconsin v. Mitchell (1993)
Virginia v. Black (2003)


Adarand Constructors v Pena (1995) (usually in equal protection)

Presidential Power

Ex Parte Milligan (1866)
Ex Parte Quirin (1942)

Group 1: Gay Rights = Any are good role plays -- just pick
Bowers v. Hardwick (1986)
Romer v. Evans (1996)
Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000)
Lawrence v Texas (2003)


Speech = -- any are good to role play

Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Community School District  (1969)
Bethel School District No. 403 v. Fraser (1986)
Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier (1988)
Morse v Frederick (2007)