APGOV/Constitutional Law and Public Policy Course Schedule

Pursuit of Happiness Research Assignment

The idea of happiness alludes many and yet the concept is so important and timeless that even the founders of the country chose to incorporate it into the founding declaration of the country.

The small Southeast Asian country of Bhutan began to consider the importance of happiness for its nation's wellbeing and instituted a Gross National Happiness Index to help its government understand the indicators of happiness among its citizens and create public policies meant to improve those indicators. We will have spent the first 2 months of the semester thinking about a few of the indicators in the context of United States federal public policy. Your assignment is to come up with one indicator of your own that you think is essential to promoting the Gross National Happiness of the US. You must explain how that indicator will promote happiness and among whom. You must explain how public policy currently works for your chosen indicator and you must identify a problem with current public policy and then create your own proposal for policy change.

More specific details will be announced on this page as we move through the semester. But for now...just think about what must be true for America to be happy.