US History


Cow's Skull by Georgia O'Keefe
Georgia O'Keeffe's Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue (1931). O'Keeffe represented the beauty and harshness of the American West in the 1930s. She also attempted to create a distinctly American art, explaining that she knew "America was very rich and very lush." Image borrowed from University of Virginia.
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Academic Integrity!

At St. Gregory, we have an Honor System that is in effect at all times and for all assignments.  When you agree to participate in this class, you pledge to do your own work, to be honest in all of your assignments, and, when borrowing materials from other sources, to give them due credit. Please sign each written assignment pledging that you have upheld the Honor System. Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s ideas or words without giving that person proper credit.  Your work should be original, but if you do use someone else’s idea(s), you MUST cite that person.  When in doubt, CITE IT!

Please refer to your hard copy of our syllabus for the St. Gregory Faculty Handbook definition of academic integrity.

We will discuss what plagiarism is, but if you have further questions, please see:


Because this is a discussion-oriented class, you must be present.  Attendance will be taken everyday.  Every unexcused and undocumented absence will decrease your final letter grade by 1/3. 

 Late Work

If you need an extension for any of the written assignments, you must ask Dr. Berry at least 24 hours in advance for that extension.  We will both decide on a reasonable date and then the assignment must be turned in (each student is eligible for only one extension).  Late work without an official extension will not be accepted without penalty.  For each day the assignment is late, your grade will be decreased by 1/3 of a letter grade.  For example, if an assignment is 2 days late, your grade automatically will drop from an A to a B+.

Make-up Work

If you have been absent, see me the day you return, and we will discuss any missed in-class assignments. Please hand in late homework as soon as possible (the above late work policy will, of course, apply to ALL absences, including excused absences). Make-up exams will NOT be given.

Tardy Policy
The policy is: Do NOT Be Late to Class.  When the bell rings you should be in your seats ready to begin the class.  Walking in late is disruptive and disrespectful.  Every three unexcused tardies will equal 1 unexcused absence and thus your FINAL grade will lower by 1/3.


This class will be graded as follows:

100 points each semester for a total of 200 points for the year.

In-Class Participation: 20 points/semester

Map and Narrative: 10 points/semester

End-of-Semester Exam: 25 points 1st semester

Final Exam: 25 points 2nd semester

Terms and Quizzes: 20 points/semester

Abolitionism/Civil War paper and debate participation: 15 points for paper and 10 points for debate (first semester only)

20th-Century Famous Trial paper and presentation: 15 points for paper 10 points for presentation (second semester only)

There will be one opportunity for extra credit.


A+ 4.3 (98-100) A 4.0 (93-97) A- 3.7 (90-92)

B+ 3.3 (87-89) B 3.0 (83-86) B- 2.7 (80-82)

C+ 2.3 (77-79) C 2.0 (73-76) C- 1.7 (70-72)

D+ 1.3 (67-69) D 1.0 (63-66) D- 0.7 (60-62)

F 0.0 (0-59)

You may inquire about your grade at any time during the year, and I encourage you to come talk with me if you have any concerns about your progress in the course.

And Remember!

A student will not be admitted to any state university with a  deficiency 
(an average lower than C or less than four mathematics courses)  
in more than two departments, or in both mathematics and science.