Sports in United States History

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All assignments are due ON the day they are assigned.

You have three books for the course. Please bring the text that we have read to class -- you lose a participation point for not being prepared if you do not have the appropriate text.

Jan 4: Introductions (class norms, course organization, etc)

Jan. 6: READ: "Pre Game" (handout) and Chpt 1 Maj Probs -- the Schultz essay -- THERE WILL BE A QUIZ


First we will look "way" back:

Jan 11: The earliest origins -- Colonial America and earlier

RESEARCH: the major theme you have been assigned for colonial America (1600-1776)...economics of the colonies; religion and politics; race and gender (share via google doc with Dr. Berry and be ready to report to the may work together)

READ: Chpt 2 Maj Probs, Docs 1,2, 5 and Breen essay



Jan 13:

READ: Maj Probs Chpt 2 Breen Essay to the bottom of pg 40

Jan 19:

RESEARCH: major theme from antebellum US (same topic assignments as Colonial period)

ALL READ: Chpt 3 Maj Probs docs 1,2, 4, 5

READ: 1/2 Read Parton Essay and 1/2 read Lussana essay in Maj Problems

ALL READ: Gorn pp 64-top of 66


Jan 21: READ: Maj Probs -- Chpt 4 Docs 1, 2, 6 and the Betts essay Take notes on paper for the Betts essay and be prepared to share them with a partner!


Jan 27: READ: this article from JSTOR:

David Abbott, Alexa Smith, and Emiliano Gallaga, “Ballcourts and Ceramics:  The

Case for Hohokam Marketplaces in the Arizona Desert,” American

Antiquity (Vol. 72, No. 3, July 2007), pgs.461-484 [JSTOR]

READ: Maj Probs Chpt 6 the Reiss Essay (there will be a quiz)

Read 1 article from the Players' Tribune

Challenge to complete on google doc: You are the editor of a new health journal whose inaugural edition will come out this month.  Please write a 2-3 sentence description of the journal (purpose, intended audience, and possible contributing authors).  Write a list of 5 articles you would include in this first edition.  Then draw a picture of what you would put on the cover and take a picture of the drawing and either bring it to class in hard copy or take a picture of it and embed it in your google doc!  Lastly, write 2 questions you would ask yourself if you were a reporter reporting on the release of the new journal. Be prepared to answer those questions as you participate in a press conference on Thursday announcing your new journal.  


Feb 1: Finish 19th Century

Essay DUE -- Dr. Schultz explained in the essay we read the first week of class that sports tell us much about who we are....both in the past but also in the present day. In a 4-5 page essay, tell the story we have learned thus far about Sports in American History and offer an analysis about which trends, that we have learned about, are still present in our culture and which have largely disappeared. Please use readings as support for your points. To earn an A Parenthetical citations are exceptable. Essays are due IN CLASS -- hard copy, double-spaced with page numbers.


Feb 3: SPORT CLOSEUP -- Football! Keely and Wyatt ASSIGNMENTand Rubric

READ: Slate article on TV journalism

READ: Ethics in Sports Journalism


FEB 7 Watch the Superbowl!!! GO BRONCOS!!!

Feb 8: Topic 1 -- RACE Hoop Dreams in class (Feb 8-10)

For Feb 8th -- read Zirin Chpt 9 and this background for Hoop Dreams!

Feb 10: Rough draft of Super Bowl Essay - assignment

Feb 15:

Maj Probs Chpt 10 Docs: 2, 4, 7 and Bederman essay (SKIM)

Maj Probs Chpt 13 Docs 2, 3, 4, 5 and both Zang article and Tygiel essay

Feb 17:Finish Race

FINAL Super Bowl Analysis Essay due -- Assignment on homepage



Feb 22: SPORT CLOSEUP BASKETBALL -- My, Nick, and Jacob

Historicizing college amateurism


Zirin,Game Over, chpt 6

Feb 29: TOPIC 2 = Labor and amateurism in college sports


NCAA History (pg 9-16 please PRINT AND ANNOTATE -- this is your quiz!)

Maj Probs: Chpt 5 Docs: 2, 4, 5, 6 and both essays


The Following Articles:

"NCAA and others file briefs in Northwestern football union effort"

NCAA responds to union proposal (REALLY SHORT)

The NCAA's Fishy Argument

If you have time -- read Zirin Chpt 1

And here is the Taylor Branch article that Zirin discusses if you have time and are interested!

March 2: Tribune articles writing day and catch up day


Spring Break and Interim Week -- READING Boys in the Boat

March 21: Book Discussion and Tribune articles due!

Tribune Assignment


1) What surprised you about the story?

2) What did you already know about the story if anything?

3) How did the times (the historical context) affect the a specific as possible.

4) What obstacles did the athletes overcome in the story?

5) Find 2 passages that struck you as particularly insightful. Why did you find them to be so?

6) What is the author's approach to the book - character driven? plot driven? How are you feeling as you read?

March 23: TOPIC 3-- Professionalization of Sport and Sport as Business

READ: Maj Probs chpt 8 all docs

READ: One article on Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit against the NCAA (other than Wikipedia)

March 28: Catch up day -- see homepage

READ: Chpt 14 Docs (see homepage)

March 30:

READ: Chpt 14 essays

Draft a Tribune article taking a position on one of the issues raised in the essays (tax dollars paying for stadiums; NFL policies as big business; NCAA monopoly, etc)


April 4: Draft a Tribune article taking a position on one of the issues raised in the Chpt 14 essays (tax dollars paying for stadiums; NFL policies as big business; NCAA monopoly, etc)

Finish A League of their Own


April 6:

SPORT CLOSEUP -- Baseball League of Their Own -- Ruby and Ben

SPORT CLOSEUP SOCCER -- Tori and James and Lauren


April 11: Gender and Sexuality


Watch: This new PSA for the NCAA-- research Billie Jean King...why is it significant that SHE is doing this PSA?

Maj Probs Chpt 12: ALL the docs and the Smith Essay

WATCH: this Outside the Lines (15 min)

READ: This Economist article about the unequal play of women's tennis

READ: This NYT article about Venus Williams fight for gender equality

READ: this article about women's soccer

Chpt 11: Maj Probs Cayleff Essay (optional)


April 18:

Read the Following about Sexual Orientation and Domestic Violence:

Michael Sam Article

Statistics of Domestic Violence in the NFL

Ray Rice Article -- Outside the Lines (and if you haven't seen the elevator video, find it on-line and watch it)

Public Relations Campaigns against Rape -- It's On Us and No More (be sure to watch the NoMore ad embedded in the article)

Female Athletes and Sex appeal

This article from Dr. Berry's hometown

Zirin, Game Over, Chpt 8


April 20: Athletes as Politicized Role Models


Huffington Post on Athletes as role models

Purdue Professors weigh in -- click on "Randy Roberts" to get going on the Athletes as role models portion of this site

WATCH: This Outside the Lines about Tobacco use in the Major Leagues

Chapter 11 Maj Probs: Docs 3, 5 and Essays by Wilkerson

Chpt 14: Recall doc 4 on Pete Rose and READ Doc 5 on Doping in baseball

Zirin, Chpt "Los Suns" Chpt 7


Come to class ready to discuss one of the "public" role models in your life...preferably a person involved in sports -- but doesn't have to be. What characteristics inspire you to admire someone? What inspires you to mimic someone?

THINK about this question:

Should athletes be role models? Should they be political?


April 25:

TRIBUNE ARTICLES DUE on the postwar and future world of sport!


April 25: begin project (you only 2 1/2 weeks to complete this project!)

April 25-May 2-- Project Work Days -- initial rules, and equipment DUE May 4

May 11: Radio Broadcast of the fictional sport in 2 eras due! Assignment coming soon!



NOT IN 2016:

Documentary Project Assignment

Documentary Project Rubric (coming soon)

View: Film Nine for IX "Let them Wear Towels"

Sexist Reporting?