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Our Course of Study

A 1480 Map

Image Source: The Newberry Library

This is a map drawn in 1480. It was based on projections by Claudius Ptolomy who lived from 100-178 CE. Ptolomy had underestimated the size of the earth by 17%. When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue (in 1492, of course), he used a version of Ptolomy's projections and thus got a little off course. Hopefully our world history class will stay right on track!



NOTE: You should read the assignment for the day it is listed! So if Chapter 2 is listed under August 12, then the reading of Chapter 2 will be due (and discussed) on August 12.

Key to the readings:

WOW = Ways of the World (your textbook)

E-Source = Use the link to find the reading

Handout = you will receive a copy of the reading in class

Documents Book = World History in Documents (our other main textbook)

August: Getting Oriented

Week One August 13: Getting Acquainted

Reading Homework : Course Homepage and Assignment Page

ASSIGNMENT: Sign into our Wikispaces site!


Weeks Two and Three = What is this World History thing?!?!? Banana Lecture

August 17: How are we organizing our lives in this course?? And SOURCES

Familiarize yourself with Glogster, Bubbl and Google Docs.

You have Google Docs as part of your email system at St. Gregory. You need to create accounts for Glogster and Bubbl. Remember your password and usernames for each of these!!! BE SURE TO ALWAYS USE YOUR St. Gregory SCHOOL email address when creating accounts!! We will use these three tools as the primary avenues for your reading checks!

August 19th:Connect to the world project: Choose one day before class. Identify 1 object you use or come into contact with during that day. Ask good questions about the object like: where was this made? Why is it made there? What tools, labor, and resources were needed to make it? How did it get here? Who all might have been involved in the creation of this? Once you figure out where the object was made -- research that place on the Internet. Come up with some interesting stuff. You might want to use the CIA World Fact Book to find information on the place the object was created.

Create a presentation of your research on Prezi, Glogster, or Bubbl of your research. Your presentation should show the ways in which the object you chose to focus on connects with the wider world (think globally here!).

NOTE: The World NOW assignments need to be posted to Wikispaces by the FIRST class of the week and all need to have read it by the LAST class of the week!

August 23: Continue Connect to the World presentations

8/23: The World NOW 1st Submissions -- Tess Cotter and Grace Baranowski! You are the lucky winners! :~)

August 25: What IS World History? Why are we studying it?

In-class Reading = Handout: "Reflections: Deciding What's Important Balance in World History"

Reading Homework : WOW:: xxxvii-xli

No reading Check


August 27: Beginning at the Beginning

August 27: Reading Homework: Please have read the World NOW articles that Tess and Grace posted...and please contribute to the Wikispace discussion and we will have an in-class discussion about them.

Contribution on Wikispaces Due by Class!!

In-Class Readings: Documents Book: ALL Chpt 1 "Origin Stories"


August 31: Document analysis of Origin Stories and Norm and Goal setting for class

Goal Setting for Your year in World History...and figuring out our community norms

August 31st: Reading Homework: Documents Book -- ALL Chpt 1 "Origin Stories" (if you didn't finish it in class)


8/31: The World NOW Submission -- Hannah Sawyer! Congratulations :~)



no homework


September: Big Era 1 (10,000 BCE-500 CE)

Week 1 (Sept 10): Environment and Humans (17 pages of total reading)

9/10: Reading Homework: Handout -- pp. 57-67 and 76-83 from Strayer

9/10: The World NOW 3rd Submission due: Nikolas!


Week 2 (Sept 14, 16): Humans and other Humans (social inequalitites in Eurasia, early writing, slavery in Roman Empire) (22 pages of total reading this week)

Tues, 9/14: The World NOW 4th Submission due: Carter!

Tues., 9/14: Reading Homework: Documents All of Chpt 4 and Chpt 5 pp. 48-54

Thurs., 9/16: Reading Homework : Read Carter's Submission AND Create answers to the following -- please submit via Google Docs:

Why might patriarchy have come to replace matriarchy and/or more gender equitable societies during this Era?

Are social distinctions necessary for a civilization? Why or why not?


Week 3 (Sept 20, 22, 24): Humans and Ideas (monotheism, empire, law) (34 pages of total reading this week):

Monday, 9/20: Reading Homework = Documents Book Chapter 2 "Jewish Law", Chapter 3 "Confucianism", and ALL of Chapter 7

Mini Project = You will have a "World Religion" to research and you will receive a Google Doc in which to put your information. You will co-write the Google Doc with the group you have been assigned to work with for this Big Era. Using your World Religions book, you should research who started the religion, when, where and what general beliefs comprised the early religion. Then also compare the ideology of your religion of focus to another religion we will be reading about that day (you may choose which religion to compare). Notice that we have primary sources about each of the religions! You will only be researching one religion in depth, but you should READ ALL THE DOCUMENTS in your documents book AND read the chapter in the World Religions book on the comparative religion so that you may make a comparison with the other religion! Please include a source list at the bottom of your Google Doc. Worth 20 points-- each person in the group will receive the same grade on this assignment!


Benny, Mia, Noa, Grace = Judaism

Carter, Jodi, Noam, Nikolas = Hinduism

BenK, Leah, Clayton, Josh = Buddhism

Michael, Hannah, Jake, Cassy = Christianity

Tess, Arturo, Alex = Confucianism

9/20: The World NOW 5th Submission due: Arturo!


9/22: Finish Religion presentations


9/24: Substitute -- No Homework

Discuss Carter's World Now submission!

And watch film on Islam


Week 4: Project Week

9/28: Finish discussion about Religions. Finish discussion of Empires.Generate Questions for each section of our newspaper! Also discuss Arturo's World Now submission

Reading Homework Documents Book: Chapter 2 "Mesopotamia" and Chapter 3 "Athenian Democracy" AND Arturo's World Now article

Task= You are the ruler of a society in 100 CE who is considering colonizing another place (that location has a natural resource that you desperately want). You have noticed that lots of other rulers (leaders in Greece, Rome, Mexico, and China) have some experience ruling over empires. It is your task to decide what the benefits and problems are in creating an empire. We will brainstorm a list of questions in class that a leader like you would want to ask when deciding whether or not to start an empire. In a Glog, describe your imaginary society (economy, social organizations, type of government, dominant religion). Answer the questions we generated in class and decide whether or not you will begin an empire. In short, it will be up to you to decide if the benefits of imperialism are worth the costs. You will share your Glog with the class!

9/30: Work on Project (project due October 6th)

Big Era 1 Project: We are the editorial staff at The Global Times. The year is 632 CE and Muhammad, the founder of Islam, has just died. We have decided to write a special edition of the paper devoted to "Great Changes in Big Era 1" (everyone in our society knows what Big Era 1 was). You will be grouped into sections for the special edition paper and your group is responsible for creating that section of the paper.


Benny, Mia, Noa, Grace

Carter, Jodi, Noam, Nikolas

BenK, Leah, Clayton, Josh

Michael, Hannah, Jake, Cassy

Tess, Arturo, Alex

(October 4, 6, 8): Work on Project

October: Big Era 2 truncated (500 CE - 1492 CE)

October 20: Lecture on Big Era 2 BIG concepts

10/20: The World NOW 7th Submission due: Cassy and Benny!

10/20: Reading Homwork : Documents Book: Chapter 14 ALL


10/22: Read this Sourceabout Empress Wu

Read this Source about Chinese Foot Binding

And Read Cassy and Benny's World Now Articles

Reading Check: Compare the two ideas about mongols in these sources

Oct 26th: Finish Big Era 2 Come to class with a thesis that answers the following question:

How would you characterize the changes in Big Era 2?

10/26: The World NOW 9th Submissions due: Mia and Ben K!

Big Era 3 (1492-1750)


Week 1 (Oct 27, 29): Environment and Humans (34 pages total reading this week)

10/27: Debate World Now for Mia and Ben K


10/29: Reading Homwork = WOW: pp. 625-639 AND 674-689 Reading Homework = Documents Book: Chapter 20 (pp 211-216)

10/29: Reading Check = Glog about the documents in Chpt 20


Week 2 (Nov. 2, 4): Humans and other Humans (14 pages total reading this week) :

Nov. 2nd: Theme 3 Scientific Revolution Read: WOW 737-746 and Source book 190-200

Lecture on Reformation

Nov. 2: The World NOW 10th Submission Posted: Leah and Clayton! (we will discuss on Nov 4th.

Nov 4th: Theme 2 Columbus and Slavery WOW: Documents book pp 174-184 AND the 2 following documents:

Bartolome de las Casas


Christopher Columbus

Reading Check: Bring to class with you...create a thesis (1-2 sentences) about the documents on pp 174-184. I have shared a google doc with you with questions to help you read the primary sources! :~)



Week 3: (Nov. 8, 10, 12):

11/8: The World NOW 11th Submission due: Jodi and Jake!

Project Prep

Monday, Nov 8: No Homework (unless you haven't read the World Now articles by Leah and Clayton

Wednesday, Nov. 10: Outline of Big Era 3 content and a thesis about the Era due. To help you create the thesis, answer the following question -- how did human perceptions of the world change in Big Era 3?

Friday, Nov. 12: Outline of 4-6 page essay on Big Era 3 due to Dr Berry in a Google Doc by class time

If you need help with the outline refer to this resource. To help you create the thesis, answer the following question -- how did human perceptions of the world change in Big Era 3?

Tues., Nov 16: Rough draft of paper on BE3 due during class. World Now post by Jodi and Jake! And time to work on your Glog for presentation on the 18th and 22nd! End of an Era Party for BE 3

Thursday, Nov 18th: Visual Presentation of your paper in Glogster! You will present your paper Glog in class today and on Tuesday!

Nov 22nd: Finish Presentations (receive rough drafts back)

Final draft of your BE 3 Paper due Nov. 29th


December: Prep for final exams

11/30: The World NOW 13th Submission due: Noam and Michael!

Dec. 3: Alex M. and Josh

Second Semester

January: Big Era 4 (1750-1850)

Weeks 1 and 2: Humans and the Environment

Jan 5th: Recap BE 3 -- what does the world look like in 1750?

Jan 7th: Substitute...Film START READING FOR NEXT WEEK!

Jan 11th: Energy Revolution: Fossil Fuels

Read the sections on Coal, Electricity, Oil, and Natural Gas at the US Energy Information Administration

And the first three sections on the History of American Railroads

Jan 13th: Industrial Revolution

READ: Documents book Chpt 26 AND WOW 826-830

Jan 18th: The Enviornment and War -- the Opium Wars Documents Chpt 23 and WOW 882-889 (about China)

Weeks 3 and 4: Humans and Other Humans

Reading (30 pages total reading for this week):

Jan 20th: Class systems

READ: WOW 830-840

Jan 24th: Abolitionism

READ Documents: Chpt 24

WOW: Documents pp. 806-816


Week 5-6: Humans and Ideas

Jan 26: RIGHTS! (universal, feminist, slave)

READING (due the 26th): Documents: Chpt 21 and the Declaration of Independence and United States Bill of Rights

WOW: Chpt 17 pp. 780-803

Jan 28: Revolutions and Democracy

READ: reveiw Documents Chpt 21 and REVIEW WOW 780-793

Feb 1: Latin American Revolutions reading

Feb 3rd: Finish slavery no reading...begin thinking about your project


Weeks 7 and 8: Project Weeks

Feb 7th: Review BE 4

Feb 8-15th Begin Project:

It is 1850, and you have been selected by Queen Victoria (of England) to submit a proposal for the plan and organization of the Great Exposition to be held in London's Hyde Park. The Queen's hope is to account for the last 100 years of world history, demonstrate the superiority of Britain on a global scale, and celebrate the emerging globalization that is coming on the heels of the recent Industrial Revolution. Your task is to create the Exposition -- the displays, the exhibits, the buildings, the food and vendors, the entertainment. You will present your plan to the Queen. There is a good deal of money to be won if your proposal is chosen. You may, should you choose, take on partners, or you may work independently. Your proposal must have a 4-6 page essay (written by each person in your cohort or by you if you are working independently) explaining your proposal in detail, but also be accompanied by visual props (building and design drawings, models, pamphlet, etc.) that help illustrate your plan for the fair. Remember the point of the fair is to represent in physical space the past 100 years (or more) of the most important developments in world history from a mostly British perspective.

Your grade will be broken down accordingly:

10% presentation

40% paper

50% visual representation of your proposal

Some resources for you:

University of Kansas Great Exposition site

Vanderbilt Site dedicated to the Great Exposition

Victoria Web

Fun site about Victorian England

Feb 17th: Work day -- Design Document due.

Feb. 21st: Presentations before the Queen due FOR EVERYONE! We will draw numbers randomly to assign the day you will present -- but everyone must be ready! Your graphic representation of your proposed fair grounds is due after Rodeo Break.

Feb. 23rd: Continue Presentations -- papers due!

March 1st: Physical Representation of the Fairgrounds DUE first day of class after Rodeo Break

March: Big Era 5 (1850-1950)


Week 1: Environment and Humans

US and Inudstrial Revolution

Airplanes and Automobiles


Gas and Flu WWI

Week 2: Humans and other Humans Colonialism, Communism, and Capitalism (41 pages of reading this week)

March 14th: Understanding Colonialism (round 2) WOW pp 924-939

March 16: Colonial Identities read Chpt 32 Documents book

March 18th: Lecture on Communism (and Russia) and the Unraveling of Capitalism (WOW pp 985-988 and pp. 1032-1045 )


Week 3: Humans and Ideas (about 25 pages of reading this week)

March 22: Finish Communism -- Read the documents in WOW 855-866 -- be ready for a reading check in class!

March 24th: Reading about Nationalism, Authoritarianism on the Right Hitler and Aryan supremacy Docs book Chpt 29

DB Lecture -- Hitler and German History just before the Nazis


Week 4: Humans to Humans


March 28: Democracy and Revolution (Round 1) and the Holocaust--

Homework: Docs book chpt 28 AND listen to at least ONE of the recountings of the Holocaust on the BBC History page -- be prepared to explain to the class who you listened to and what your recording revealed.


March 30th: Atomic Development chpt 30 and introduce project



Week 5: DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! The World Wars and Project Week:

You will be working in groups of 7 researching the most important countries in World War II and then presenting the most important information about each to the class. You will have 15 minutes to make a dynamic presentation to the class. Please be sure to inlcude the individual country's motivations for entering the second World War, their actions in the war, and the peace they hoped to negotiate. Each student has been assigned a country by Dr. Berry. You will need to research your country's general history (from 1700 through the two world wars, the style of government the country had in 1939 (the beginning of WWII) including the leader and the form of government of that country, the country's role in WWII, the ethnic composition of the country, the country's interest in and role in World War II, and the country's peace.


Group 1: Michael (Japan), Tess (China), Leah (US), Grace (Britain), Alex (Russia), Jodi (Germany), Arturo (Italy)

Group 2: Benny (Germany), Noam (US), Josh (Russia), Mia (Italy), Hannah (China), Greg (China), Carter (Japan)

Group 3: Nikolas (Italy), Clayton (Britain), Jake (Russia), Ben K (US), Cassy (Germany), Noa (Japan)


April1 11th: Happiness journal due! Begin Film on WWII

April 13th: Finish Film on WWII

April 15th: Discuss WWII

April 19th: Wrap up BE 5.


Mid April- Mid May: Big Era 6 (1945-present)

Week 1: Environment and Humans

April 21st:

Week 2: Humans and other Humans

Week 3: Humans and Ideas

Week 4: Project Week


Mid May - Finals Week: Review and Reflect