Southern Utah, Summer 2006

Southern Utah is an incredible place that I am fortunate to visit often. Wallace Stegnar, author of the United States West, describes the miraculousness of that place far better than I ever could:

"The Utah deserts and plateaus and canyons are not a country of big returns, but a country of spiritual healing, incomparable for contemplation, meditation, solitude, quiet, awe, peace of mind and body. We were born of wilderness, and we respond to it more than we sometimes realize. We depend upon it increasingly for relief from the termite life we have created. Factories, power plants, resorts, we can make anywhere. Wilderness, once we have given it up, is beyond our reconstruction."
- Wallace Stegner, Wilderness at the Edge, 1990

Top to Bottom and Left to Right: View in Bryce Canyon on the Fairyland Trail; Arch in Bryce Canyon National Park; Sandstone at Capitol Reef National Park; View of the San Rafael Swell in Capitol Reef National Park; The Golden Throne, Capitol Reef; Cohab Canyon, Capitol Reef

For More Info See the Capitol Reef National Park and the Bryce Canyon National Park websites.


Tree in Bryce Canyon Arch in Bryce Canyon

Sandstone in Capitol Reef National Park View in Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Cohab Canyon

All photos by Michelle Berry